Wednesday, July 24, 2013

visual artist & performer

                                                                                                        prints on aluminium 60X90cm





the elephant's ear

diploma exhibition

vision quest, clay paper, ink

Baihui/100 meetings


ο θάλαμος των ιδεών/ yintang

μεγάλος λόφος, Daling

εσωτερική αυλή , neiting

θρέψη . κενταύριο, ξύλο, πηλός.  εγκατάσταση σε τζάκι

Lunar Orbits at Lefa Gallery

η μεγάλη έξοδος,taichong

άνω αστέρι/ shangxing

ceramic papyrus

self healing, clay, medical needles



with Trili at Lefa Gallery

light up your shell

ink on paper, stone, clay

grandpa's metal base for making shoes, clay,chamomille

inner eye-moxa

ancient winepress/ceramic '22

healing bed

channeling _first radar

Animation shooting
Christoforos Katsadiotis
artist-performer Eva Tsagaraki, photography back stage Sissy Morfi, makeup artist Nikolas Kosmetatos, Studio Citrus.

woman on menstrual cycle

heart acupoint το μικρό παλάτι,   shaofu


show me what you / read


fenêtre mystique

subjective geographies



il Giardino delle Sculture
Italian Embassy, Athens

                                                                          bear foot


   spaceland series -eva tsagaraki, photo apollonas glykas ,
groupexhibition Pareidolia at talc studio, idea realisation Vasiliki Panagiotopoulou



Patmos architecture, spine, ink on paper

το μυστικό


prayers fled 

the paradise of a sleeping pa

sound traps


curated by Katerina Tselou


terra incognita

ioannis vasilakos &  eva tsagaraki

performance nothing is lost/everything changes

      installation   Maya Tapinou


                                                                             maya tapinou & eva tsagaraki

                                                            allopix-penduloop performance

presentation: Reflections Cycliques et Rituelles
Symposium Performance Philosophy II EMST

 Fleeting Words

Και αν οι εικόνες έχουν δύναμη που καθηλώνει τις λέξεις, μπορούν μόνο να αγγίξουν  πτυχές του ευρύτατου φάσματος της έννοιας του λόγου.Δημιουργούν όμως μία οπτική γλώσσα για να αποκαλύψουν τη δύναμη της ύπαρξης του ή της απουσίας του καθώς  και να υπονοήσουν τις πολλαπλές όψεις του, συγκεκριμένες και αφηρημένες. Λέξεις και σύμβολα λόγου, εφήμερα σημεία που υπενθυμίζουν τον Εαυτό, ταξιδεύουν στο χρόνο παράγοντας τις δικές τους δονήσεις.

           Photobiennale LOGOS VIII, Photography Museum Thessaloniki 

we, now.

[Athen's Corporality]

we ate the apple


We ate the apple
sweet flavors  and juice
the part that is missing
takes us back to the roots
a sin  is not holding
the earth  anymore
how long would we stay in this world? 

[ birds, fly]

[provisional algorithm]


Counting kilometers 
Vulgar imitations 
attention to the disguise


hypnotic dissolution




sing loud

where does your soul go in your sleep?
  where do you travel and what do u see?
    colours like rainbows
dazzling lights
ancestors whispering
unfulfilling sites
where does your soul go in your sleep?
where do you travel and what you see?
intangible meetings
dreams without  sound
strange adventures
with ladders and crowds
this body seems narrow, when the light comes in
we open our eyes
what do u see?
people that left us, they still are aware
they come in our dreams
and get us  prepared
the visions are always signs of love

where does our soul go when we re gone?

   les pas de la prière 

earth supports me and I support you

It 's all of us


Patmos island